Operating Models for the Future of Consumption

Making the Case for Change

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will accelerate the introduction of game-changing technologies that will further empower consumers and enable once-impossible business models. The ability to respond to changing needs of the marketplace will be key to future success and implies material changes to the way companies operate. Businesses must re-invent themselves by establishing an agile and enduring enterprise in a highly disruptive world while also ensuring inclusive societies.

This insight report presents a perspective on the future of consumer-centric enterprises, identifies essential characteristics that companies of the digital age must embrace and integrate into their operating models, and illuminates the significant societal challenges that are underway and the commensurate call to action.

The Imperative: Making the Case for Change

As explored in the 2017 Shaping the Future of Retailinsight report, over the next decade consumers will have more choices and control than ever before. They will be presented with a growing array of products and services customized for their specific preferences. Over this period, new innovative approaches to meet consumer expectations will proliferate, particularly with eCommerce penetration growing from 10% to more than 40%. As these shifts catapult the importance of how data is utilized and shared to new heights, consumers’ fears regarding privacy, security and transparency will only elevate.

Despite these consumer and market opportunities, evidence suggests that business transformation is
not occurring at the pace and scale required. 41% of Consumer Industry companies in the S&P 500 have either been acquired or gone out of business since 2000. Moreover, half of current S&P 500 companies are predicted to face the same fate within the next ten years.

To survive disruption and thrive in the future, companies must move to the modern and nd their purpose. This unequivocally demands a comprehensive change in each component of the operating model including how it is governed, how it deploys processes and technologies, how it organizes its people to get work done, as well as the ecosystems it creates. The reinvention must not only deliver efficiencies for the business but also be orchestrated with a profound sense of responsibility for all stakeholders of the enterprise - consumers, the workforce, shareholders, communities and the environment.

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