Mastering hypergrowth

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating enterprise opportunities at a staggering rate.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating enterprise opportunities at a staggering rate. The impact of technology on global business has opened the door to business model innovation, redistribution of talent, new forms of stakeholder management and massive market expansion. Concurrently, these changes are having their own effect on the structures of firms and entire industries. During the past decade, as technological convergence has moved progressively forward, rapidly rising companies have astonished the global public with their ability to expand and scale at a pace that was previously unknown. From this phenomenon, the term “hypergrowth” was coined.

Hypergrowth is a relatively new phenomenon and it makes sense that it should be popularized in the public sphere by start-ups showcasing their new technologies, platforms and business models. Nevertheless, hypergrowth does not belong solely to the new kids on the block. As a consequence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the foundations for hypergrowth opportunities are available to businesses of every region and industry as well as to industry disruptors and industry stalwarts. Not only are young firms finding themselves with massive multibillion dollar valuations within four to five years of their founding but also firms that are over 100 years old are poised to create staggering revenues with new technologies and business models.

Mastering Hypergrowth is an initiative of the World Economic Forum and its Partner and Member communities. In the past nine months, nearly 200 companies offered their words, data, knowledge, experiences, assistance, time and more to contribute to this project.

This “report” is not simply a report. As the Forum itself has transitioned to a paperless organization, we have sought a “digital first” strategy for all the project outputs. This project will be disseminated in its original content via the Forum’s official website and blog. In addition, related content from the Forum’s digital platform will be included. For convenience, a summary report that aggregates the digital content will be available in PDF format by the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016 in June.

The Mastering Hypergrowth project showcases the challenges, solutions and many exciting examples of how hypergrowth companies think, operate and manage both internal and external variables. One of our key findings in this project is that hypergrowth companies have truly different priorities in comparison with more sustainably growing firms. In hypergrowth, a different set of priorities sets the management team apart. Many companies face similar challenges, but it is approach and delivery of solutions that matter. Hypergrowth firms excel not only in managing the approach and delivery but also in learning from what they’ve done. This project will share many of these learnings with recognition of their relevance to the Forum’s business, political, academic and civil stakeholders.

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