Think governments are achieving gender diversity in the workforce?

Think again.

Governments today are facing unprecedented challenges that bring new pressures for innovative solutions. Greater diversity of thought, experience and perspective is vital if governments are to respond effectively to these challenges. Having a high-performing public sector workforce with the best and brightest leaders has never been more important.

This creates a uniquely challenging environment in which governments operate. It is also the reason why, now more than ever, governments and public sector organizations require the best talent available to enhance their analysis and understanding of complex global issues.

To navigate this era of disruption successfully, governments need more diversity among those who make decisions on behalf of their citizens — whether elected representatives, senior public servants or other public sector leaders.

Empowering and encouraging women to participate more fully in public administration will help societies they represent. It will also mean that they are better placed to design policies and programs that meet citizens’ diverse needs.

At present, though, research shows that women public sector leadership roles.

What can governments and public sector organizations do to accelerate gender parity, particularly at leadership levels?

To understand the issues better, EY conducted a survey of 80 public sector leaders across 17 countries around the world. Our research revealed that leaders overwhelmingly acknowledge that gender diversity in senior leadership is important for navigating change. But it also highlights several barriers that must be overcome to achieve gender parity.

Closing the gender gap requires fresh thinking and of this report will help government and public sector organizations in their quest to improve gender parity.

This is work that can, should and must begin today.

Transformative global forces are disrupting and reshaping our world, with far-reaching impacts on international and domestic businesses, economies, industries, societies, cultures and individuals — all of which correspond to the interconnected web of policy and service responsibilities that governments must meet.


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