Detecting and responding to fraud

Making the intelligent connection

Our dedicated global team of investigators, forensic accountants and technology professionals will help you respond rapidly and effectively to alleged fraud or corrupt practices affecting your business. Our vigilance, knowledge and insight will also help you safeguard the financial and reputational value of your organization in times of crisis.

A robust and rapid response

Geopolitical turbulence and stubbornly low global growth combine to create an environment which encourages impropriety. At the same time, ever increasing industry and government regulation around the world and growing public intolerance of inappropriate corporate conduct means that staying on the right side of the law is harder than ever. This rapidly evolving landscape and culture of increasing enforcement means that fraud and corruption can quickly destroy your organization’s finances and reputation.

Robust risk management and good governance are critical to withstand the threat and satisfy increased regulatory and public scrutiny.

We will work with your executive team to help you safeguard the value and integrity of your enterprise and to help you satisfy stakeholders who will not tolerate impropriety. If the worst does happen, your first priority is to stop any further loss or reputational damage.

You need to respond rapidly to secure the evidence and get to the root cause of what has gone wrong.

Intelligent connections to tackle global fraud and corruption risks

Our team brings extensive investigations experience, leveraging our sector knowledge, to establish the facts. We work closely with legal, compliance, finance and internal audit functions to protect stakeholders’ interests and to reduce wider, and often costly, business disruption.

We can draw on our Forensic Technology and Discovery Services professionals to gather and analyze electronic evidence using methodologies that can withstand regulatory scrutiny.

We can also apply advanced forensic data analytics and data visualization tools to help identify relevant information quickly.

And when you discover wrongdoing has occurred, we will help you stem the losses and seek redress, supporting you throughout regulatory, civil or criminal proceedings.

We can also help you to mitigate the potential damage that can be caused by impropriety, including potentially corrupt payments, by newly acquired businesses or joint venture partners.

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