Deloitte Tech Trends 2017

The rise of the Kinetic Enterprise

Our eight annual Technology Trends report analyses the trends that could disrupt businesses in the next 18-24 months. From dark analytics to mixed reality, machine intelligence, and blockchain. CIOs, CTOs and CDOs who can harness the possibilities of these technologies will be better positioned to shape the future of their business.

While the report identifies key trends that will likely revolutionize enterprise technology in the next 18-24 months, the exponentials chapter looks even farther into the future, describing four key areas that blend science and applied technologies.

Key trends that will transform the business landscape in 2017 and beyond:

IT unbounded - The boundaries surrounding IT are fading as technology becomes integral to almost every business function and relationship.

Dark analytics - Advances in computer vision and pattern recognition allow companies to unlock insights from unstructured data that until now, have been lost in the dark.

Machine intelligence - Machine intelligence is helping companies make better decisions, embed complex analytics into customer and employee interactions, and—with adoption of bots and robotic process automation—automate increasingly difficult tasks.

Mixed reality - Companies are exploring more immersive and engaging ways to combine the physical world and digital systems, creating a new, mixed reality that’s more natural, intuitive and intelligent.

Inevitable architecture - Open standards, cloud-first designs and loosely coupled architectures are the norm in start-ups. Now, large enterprises have similar ambitions.

Everything-as-a-service - Traditional business products are being reimagined as services as organizations modernize core systems and the technology stack.

Blockchain: Trust economy - Blockchain is emerging as the mainstay for digital identities in the emerging trust economy.

Exponentials watch list - Advances in disruption forces like synthetic biology, energy storage, quantum computing, and nanotech could exponentially transform the way we do business.

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