Look Out Trends 2016+

Zijn organisaties klaar om te floreren in het digitale tijdperk?

Welcome to our latest edition of Ascent Look Out. It provides an in-depth analysis of the emerging trends, business needs and technologies that will drive innovation in your industry and your own business in 2016 and beyond.

As digital business empowerment takes center stage, your business of tomorrow will need to become radically different to your business of yesterday. And our responsibility at Atos, as trusted partner for that digital journey, is to ignite your imagination, sparked by our vision of a future enabled by technology.

We will help ensure digital becomes second nature and is fully integrated throughout your business – from providing a seamless customer experience through to enabling new business models as well as secure and agile operations.

As such, our Ascent initiatives, which include Ascent Look Out, are designed to share innovation and thought leadership with our partners and clients across all industries and the business technology spectrum.

By blending business knowledge with technology know-how, Ascent Look Out systematically explores the key transformation challenges that will face any business seeking to make digital second nature.

This sixth edition offers a clear, independent and authoritative cross-sector insight, painting a picture of your businesses in the future, enabled by technology. It will help you make informed strategic decisions and take the bold steps needed to stay ahead. After all, today’s increasingly digital world means you must embrace the full power of technology to fundamentally change your business.

Delivered by our market and technology experts across the globe, it uncovers hundreds of insights and innovations across 20 markets – critical trends that lie at the intersection of technology, people and business that make progress possible.

We hope you will enjoy the read and the journey ahead with us, exploring the new and stimulating opportunities that will drive your digital transformation in 2016 and beyond.

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