The gig experience

Unleashing the potential of your talent and your business

The 2016 college graduates are coming and if you’re a large employer they might not be interested in you. Are you prepared to offer experiences that attract and retain the best of this new generation of workers?

In this, the fourth year of conducting the Accenture Strategy U.S. College Graduate Employment Study, a familiar but disconcerting pattern emerges. A new crop of grads enters the workforce—eager, prepared, passionate, committed and willing to work hard. One or two years later, many of those same grads, having experienced the realities of the workplace, feel disillusioned, underemployed and undervalued.

What gives?

Analysis of our data shows that the issue is, at least in part, about the commitment of organizations to the growth and advancement of a generation of workers with new and distinctive needs and expectations. Grads are wary of

large companies. They want a more personalized employee experience and they’re not getting it. They want interesting and meaningful work, but they’re not getting it. They want an open and engaging culture and they’re not getting it.

If large companies expect to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, they need to offer a different kind of employee experience.

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